getting here

Part of the charm of Siargao is that everyone who visits this amazing community must invest a little effort in order to enjoy the paradise. It’s a destination for the traveler and not merely a tourist, someone who doesn’t just visit place but enjoys the journey of getting there. Once you arrive you’ll no doubt be in need of a great tasting coffee and somewhere to chill out while getting some information on what to do with your time on Siargao. Ask your taxi or transport driver to take you Fili Beans Espresso Bar which is located at the beautiful Harana Surf Resort and you’ll be able to tick all of these boxes. 

By Air - For the flash-packer or the those a little more strapped for time

Cebu to Siargao (and return):
Luckily once you’ve reached Cebu’s International Airport the next step to fly direct into Siargao is made very simple with only one airline currently flying the CEB-IAO route. There’s one flight a day in and out of Siargao with and prices ranging anywhere from 1800PHP on special up to 5000PHP. At the moment the flight leaves late morning around 11:00am so connections are often a little tricky to link with international flights as most arrive in the afternoon so and a night in Cebu is often required (stay next to the airport in an airport hotel or take the 45min taxi ride into Cebu city and check out the sites while you’re there (150-250PHP). Be sure to purchase checked luggage if you’re bringing boards over as well.

Reaching Cebu (Domestic):
There are a number of domestic flights servicing Cebu airport with direct flights from most major cities in the Philippines with a mix of premium carriers and budget airlines. Air Asia, Cebu Pacific Air, Singapore Airlines (silk air), Philippine Airlines, Cathay Pacific are a good start for getting from within the Philippines to Cebu

Flying International:
The most economical flights direct into Cebu from International airports will depart from Singapore and Kuala Lumpur and once again there is a good mix of budget and premium carriers offering these flight routes with Air Asia, Cebu Pacific Air, Singapore Airlines (silk air), Philippine Airlines, are some of best options.

Arriving in Siargao:
Many of the resorts will offer a prearranged pick-up service from the airport so make sure you check with your accommodation to see if this is something you can organise before arriving. If your hotel doesn’t offer this service or you’re unsure then feel free to email and we can organise someone to meet you at the airport and bring you to your accommodation or even suggest some places that suit your budget.

Combined options of air and boat travel:
There’s another option of flying into Surigao City from Cebu or another airport from with the Philippines and taking the 3hrs boat from Surigao to Dapa (the arrival port on Siargao). There are a couple of boats a day that will leave Surigao and just ask a taxi driver from the airport that you want the boat for Dapa.

By Boat- For those who love ferry rides have a little more time and a want a cheaper option.

This method of reaching the island is done so in two stages.

Cebu to Surigao:

There’s a passenger ferry that departs Cebu from pier 1 at 7:00pm and arrives to Surigao at around 6:00am. Check the schedules on the link and head down to Cokaliong Shipping ticket office next to the pier to purchase your ticket but try to get there early or even the day before as seat and cabins on this boat can often sell out.

Surigao to Dapa:

You’ll need change ferries in Surigao and jump on the first available boat to Dapa to complete the journey to Siargao. Once you’ve reached Dapa it’s about 20 minutes by taxi to General Lunar and then a further 5kms from GL to reach Cloud 9. If you know you’re arriving into Dapa and you know what time you’ll be there you can ask your accommodation to arrange a transfer where the ferry drops you as well.