Mr Fili Beans


Have you ever watched one of those clips on YouTube where people do handstands on building edges or head off on epic trekking adventures to the North Pole or hurl themselves off a cliff in a wingsuit, and then thought to yourself “I’d love to experience that rush”. It’s normally followed by an immediate inner monologue that promptly says, “but faaark that, I’m way too pretty to get frostbite on my nose. I’ll just start with investing my lifesavings in a cafe in a developing world country and go from there.”

Why? Because we need risk in our lives. It keeps things interesting. It detracts from the mundane and when we take on risks, we produce that amazing little chemical called dopamine that gives off a natural feeling of ecstasy and euphoria. I was craving a little dopamine; I just didn’t want to have to jump off a cliff to get some. So I packed my things…

The idea of this blog is to inspire people to step outside of their comfort zones, take the risks and reap the rewards of a sense of achievement and happiness when you take the leap and chase the dream. This doesn’t mean everyone will read this blog, quit their job and move to a tropical island and start an espresso bar. Some people hate sweating their arses off in the tropics and there are even some extreme cases where people don’t like coffee (I know, weird right?), but by following my journey over the next year or so someone might decide they’re ready to take the leap and do that thing they’ve been wanting to do; get their driver’s license, learn to kite surf, open up a cupcake store or ask out that hot barista at your local café (yeah the ginger one, you know him), because at the end of the day, you only get one crack.

So I’ve quit a job I loved doing with an inspiring bunch of workmates, left my awesome apartment and housemates in Coolangatta, kissed my amazing family goodbye and am about to board a plane to see what it’s like to follow your dreams and set up a life on one of the most beautiful islands I’ve ever experienced in my life; Siargao, Philippines!